National Novel Writing Month – Day 3

Published July 3, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


I have just discovered 3 days in that it is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) and writers are feverishly trying to write a whole novel in, you guessed it, a month!  Now I know for a fact that there is no way on God’s Earth I would be able to write a whole completey new, original novel in a mere month, so I’m not even going to try.  However I think it would be a really good opportunity to take this month to get really organised (something I am not) and really try and finish a novel!!! LOL

So this is my plan.  My novel ‘Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge‘ is about 12 chapters long (they are big chapters), so that means I need to re-write 3 chapters a week to make this work.  I will check in to the blog every weekend and let you know if I am sticking to my schedule or not and give you a little excerpt here and there.

First excerpt

Some dolphin music to get you in the mood –

It begins with an invitation…

A clear, pure note rang out through the House of the Chosen.  It echoed through the corridors of the temple and vibrated throughout all the priests’ bodies, penetrating deep into the subconscious causing an ache of wanting that reached every human in the council.

It left such a bittersweet after taste that not one person could avoid the orgasmic moan that seemed to escape from every mouth simultaneously.  The result was total silence for a few moments as the Song Priestess bathed in the aftermath of her performance.

It was soon very apparent that this performance had impressed someone else – a dolphin that had been swimming past the temple had heard the song and was tapping on the thick glass with her snout, her own hypnotic voice answering the Priestess’s call.

Two male Song Priests took up from where the Song Priestess had left off with her song of invitation, calling the dolphins to the temple’s Dolphin Courtyard.  The first a deep and rich Tenor and the second a sweet Alto serenaded this beautiful creature who appeared to dance with pleasure at the sound of their voices.

The song caused the lights in the House of the Chosen to flicker and the very air seemed alive with a static electric charge which caused the hair on the back of the priests’ necks to tingle.

Then as quickly as it had arrived, the dolphin disappeared again.  The council relaxed and then after a momentary pause in the proceedings as the effect sank in; they applauded the three Song Priests for a job well done.  Now all they had to do was wait for a reply…


4 comments on “National Novel Writing Month – Day 3

  • Hi, I am trying to use this month to focus on which writing project to do, learn to Twitter better, market my art and writing better, improve my Spanish, or, yeah . .. relax before the school year starts up again in the middle of August :). Anyway, I think you’re book has a great premise and what you have posted here is intriguing.


    • Yes I think it is a good chance to focus on one thing to do with your writing, definitely! Thanks – I’m glad you are intrigued and I hope you will choose to follow my journey to complete this novel and read the end result. Thank you for stopping by Alethea and I will keep an eye on your work also. 🙂


  • Good excerpt, this. It’s a great scene setter; I assume this is at the beginning of the novel?

    Best of luck with the editing! I’ve never managed to get that far in a project, personally, but it sounds really difficult from what I’ve read about it.


    • 😀 Well for someone like me, who is not educated to anything higher than GCSE level in English, I am forever unsatisfied with my efforts and probably too hard on myself. I am a mere single mummy so I can’t afford a professional to do it for me. I WILL publish this book at some point this year though – I’m determined 😉


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