Space Between the Universes – Time Remembers

Published June 18, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Image by Andrew Kavanagh –


I closed my eyes and the day melted away – time melted away – I could feel the pressure of time pressing in on me, suffocating me like a girdle squeezing the life out of me.  And then the pressure released as time burst away from me and the seconds became tactile and were laid out in front of me like a corridor of mirrors – the seconds stretched out into minutes, then hours.  Soon days, past, present and future flashed before me, condensed into a single moment and then faster they began to move away from me becoming a reflection projection that suddenly encircled me and span all around me like a phenakistoscope – a movie of weeks, months, years in fast forward.  In a moment my life was over and time became millenniums.  Seasons flashed past me as reflections of weather and of plants and trees growing and dying in quick succession.  Then the mirrors stretched back out into a corridor and I was sucked along this hall of mirrors until in the blink of an eye I was above the Earth and the planet was spinning faster, the clouds and weather systems swirling and billowing about the globe’s surface; the moon spinning around its parent faster and faster.   I became so dizzy and disoriented that I thought I would pass out, but then I thought, “Where would I go?”

My consciousness was suddenly pulled back away from the world as if I had been stretched out on an elastic that was keeping me attached to the Earth and it had suddenly reached its limit, and then with a sharp release on the tension I was jerked backwards through space and time so fast I should have felt winded, crushed by the forces involved but of course I was without a body to wind.  I felt myself speeding through space so fast it felt as if time were static.  The stars became a blur of light until my senses couldn’t process the motion and I was space and time – we were one – connected – I was unable to see myself as separate from the universe, of the concepts of space, time and matter.  I buzzed with energy, my whole consciousness now a part of the universe, of existence vibrated and the blur of light started to flash into all the colours of the spectrum including light waves and energy beyond my comprehension and the frequencies of sound and light merged into a single source of energy that suddenly ripped a hole in the fabric of reality and I fell through into my space between the universes.

I sat on the beach looking up at the rip in space, time and reality and before my eyes it sucked itself closed, leaving me breathless, my mind still buzzing but now I had a body again, my heart was pounding and I was shaking with the experience.  I knew this wasn’t really my body but it felt real and this had been the first time I had physically experienced the journey to my beach.

I could sense something wasn’t right but at first I couldn’t tell what it was.  I blinked to try and focus on my surroundings and realised I was sitting in a pocket of reality on the sand but surrounded by darkness.  Light was reflecting up from the sand but it only reached as far as my immediate vicinity and didn’t penetrate the darkness beyond.  As I began to wonder where the rest of my beach was another pocket of reality became illuminated and my Lord stood on the sand and waved at me.  I waved back and as he walked towards me the pocket of illuminated reality moved with him until our two pockets merged and it was as if we were standing on a dark stage illuminated by a spotlight.  I realized it was the moon and I looked up at it.

“That isn’t really the moon is it?”  I asked God, “I mean it can’t be – I just left the Earth far behind me!”  He sighed.

“Your time is long past and this is but a projection of memory and matter; just a dream inside a thought inside an idea of a reflection in a mirror, nothing more.  You created it remember? We are all Just reflections in a holographic multiverse of love energy.”

He took my hand and we walked along the sand, like a bubble of light with us contained within it and a question burned inside me until I couldn’t contain it any longer, “My Lord?  Am I your dream or are you mine?”  He laughed and whispered

“What’s in a dream?  You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself beloved one.  And when you do it will no longer matter.”  I shook my head and cried as I said

“I don’t know what is real anymore!”

He gently wiped my tear and held it in front of my eye where it turned into a diamond.

“Reality is a universe contained within a teardrop or a diamond or a dream; nothing more and nothing less.  Universes are born and die and everything in-between is just space.”

He looked at my diamond tear and sighed, “This universe is strong.  It belongs to time.”  And he threw it into the darkness.  Another hole appeared but instead of containing darkness it was light.  The diamond tear flew through the hole which sealed fast behind it.  I shut my eyes and felt him kiss my cheek and as I awoke I heard a voice say,

Time remembers and Space forgives and life is for the living but dreams are for the blessed.”

6 comments on “Space Between the Universes – Time Remembers

    • Well I’m not sure if it will end up being a book. It is part 5 of the ‘Space between the Universes’ series on here. At the moment they are quite fluid pieces that are quite individual little stories in themselves but also are coming together as a larger work. So the answer is at the moment I’m not sure – I might put them together with another story as an interlinking story within a story – we’ll have to just see how in unfolds. xxx


    • LOL well as I said it’s already a part of a series of pieces so I don’t want to use it on its own. I think I have enough novels on the go at the moment before I start yet another. Yes I do need to get going again – but I unfortunately need to be in the right frame of mind to write the novels and at the moment I’m not. I will write again soon enough, when I’m feeling well enough.


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