MEGA SALE now on all my books at – up to 50% off

Published June 17, 2013 by Laura Crean Author




Up to 50% off?               You heard me right!    This really is a MEGA SALE and I am practically giving the books away at the moment as my revenue is practically non-existant – but I just want to give everyone the chance to buy and share my work as all I want is for children to enjoy my books (and adults too).

The poetry is the best deal at the moment with a whacking 50% off ‘A Lifetime of Reflections’ – so come on Mums and Dads – treat yourselves too!  And my fantasy novel ‘The Realm of the Purple Dragon’ is for ALL the family to read – so this is a HUGE bargain.  This is the first time I have had a sale like this so this really is a big deal – not to be missed!

I am really looking for more people to review my books on, Amazon and Goodreads – I would especially love to see children reviewing my books –  so take advantage  of the sale and then come and say hello on Facebook and show your appreciation for The Rainbow Rune Series and my poetry.

The Realm of the Purple Dragon on Facebook –

Laura Crean Poet on Facebook –

My children’s book club on Facebook –


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