Dream blog – funny aliens

Published June 12, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Dream blog - funny aliens

animation source – http://www.animationlibrary.com/animation/24808/Big_eyed/

Just a very quick dream blog today. I had the strangest, funniest dream last night. I can’t remember all of it, just the end bit because I woke up laughing.

I was on a beach. Not my beach where I live in East Sussex in the UK, this was a very sunny, sandy beach, packed with people and I was coming out of a flat or apartment, right there on the beach and my family (although I didn’t recognise any of them, but felt they were my family) were sitting there by the apartment on the beach, drinking. I was given a drink by someone and I drank it and remember it being a very strong alcoholic drink but nothing I have ever tasted before. There was a big barrel of water on the sand and I went over to it with the intention of washing my hair in it for some reason but there looked like there were huge insects floating around in there. So of course I said “I can’t wash my hair in that – there’s insects in there!” But when I looked closer they were funny little aliens! LOL. There were 3 of them and they were all different ‘species’. I screamed and said “They’re aliens!” and my mum came over and said “Don’t be silly there’s no such thing as aliens.” But when she came over and looked in the barrel she could see them as well. She laughed and picked one up, it seemed to grow a bit and was about the size of a big stick insect or something but it looked humanoid with really funny big eyes (not like the grey aliens you normally see – more like the animation above) and grinned at her but jumped off and ran away. The the other aliens jumped up and ran out too. By this time they were bigger, about the size of cats.

All the people on the beach were screaming and trying to move out of the way as the aliens ran to the sea and I could see in the distance people being levitated out of the way by the aliens and they were fighting with each other as they went, slapstick like, it was funny, like a comedy sketch or something. Then a little flying saucer appeared over the sea and the aliens just flew up into it and flew off.

There was more to this dream, both before and after this sequence but I can’t remember exactly, before I was trying to wash my hair and my mum was nagging me and after it had something to do with the aliens being in a government place, like Area51 or something but I do know the comedy slapstick stuff must have carried on until the end of the dream because I woke up laughing my head off!


2 comments on “Dream blog – funny aliens

  • That’s an odd one Laura! Hot sandy beach does not sound like East Sussex at all lol. I can never remember my dreams but have also on occasion woken up laughing! keep blogging I think you do a wonderful job but I am biased!


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