Liebster award interview

Published June 8, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


Since I have already got this award and don’t want to go through the whole nominating process again, I will just say thank you to Diana Rozevskis for re-noninating me and I will answer the questions she set 😉

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

I have always known I wanted to be a writer.  I remember writing little stories as a small child and always getting merits for creative writing 🙂 .  I just found an old folder of stories actually, that I wrote in my teens and I am rewriting one of those stories to post on my blog now.

What genre do you like to write in?

I am more comfortable writing science fiction and fantasy or paranormal fiction rather than factual writing.  My imagination cannot be contained..

Do you have a favourite place to write?

Yes – my bed!

Who is your favourite character in your book and why?

That’s hard because I have written so many characters.  I suppose I really like my ‘Rainbow Rune Master‘ because he is just such a colourful children’s fantasy character with so much potential.  He is a wizard, a rune master, a teacher and a very friendly, warm, fun old guy! And of course Grifin who is the greedy little green dragon, also in my toddler books.  In my adult novels I have a character I am writing called Qaphsiel and she is an angel.  I love her depth and emotion and spirituality.  Not sure when my readers will get to meet her.  Another of my favourite characters is Pearl from my Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge novel because she is a strong character and a real hero.  But of course my favourite of all my characters has to be Ellenor from The Realm of the Purple Dragon  because she really is based on my own daughter Ellenor and she has many of my daughter’s characterisitics, she is strong, kind, thoughtful, caring, brave and the real live hero that my daughter truly is. ❤

What, or who, inspires you when writing?

So many writers inspire me to write I couldn’t possibly name them all but if you go to my Goodreads profile you will see how many favourite authors I have.  More generally though, my children are my main inspiration and little personal muses.  Of course everything you read and consume through the media inspires and influences you as a writer.

Do you plan every detail when writing a book or do you just write off the cuff, so-to-speak?

To be honest I do a bit of both.  Shorter stories and poems can be completely off the cuff and even novel ideas will be off the cuff, where I will get an idea and just write it down to see where it goes and then if I think it could be a good book I will then go back and start planning where I think it is going and develop the characters, plot and setting in more depth.

Who are your favourite authors?

That is such a hard one to answer because I really do love so many different writers of all genres. Take a look at my goodreads list here

Are you self-published? And what are your views or experiences on this?

I am self-published and it has been a hard old slog to organise myself to do this.  I really do not make any money so you can see it is a work of love and passion that keeps me doing what I love – writing – and when someone reads my work, even if it is just a poem or a blog piece or they decide to buy one of my books and give me positive feedback, well that’s enough for me.  Of course I would love more people to actually buy the books but I think even if I were published with a big publisher, there is just sooo much competition out there and it is very hard for a writer to get noticed.  Building up a fan base through social networking takes time, and I have met so many wonderful people through the internet so yes, I would hope that one day many people will be buying and reading my books but I am happy to be in control of the publishing side of things and it is lovely when people buy a book and leave a lovely review somewhere on the internet. 🙂

What are you writing at the moment?

I am currently writing so many things you’ll be lucky to see anything finished this side of next year 😀 – but I am trying to concentrate on some shorter stories for anthologies and having fun with that (you will find them springing up left, right and centre I’m sure).  Also I have the second book in my Realm of the Purple Dragon series underway (bit of a writer’s block on that one at the moment) and a YA novel called Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge  And sometimes I do a bit of work on the odd toddler or infant book, which you can find listed in my online book shop –

 What advice would you give to new writers?

Keep writing and reading and really enjoy and get lost in your work.  Then polish it, edit it, edit it some more then maybe again LOL and then get some critiqe and advice from other writers and trust your instincts.

Where can we find your books on sale?

On Amazon –

and –


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