Dream blog – train disaster

Published June 7, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Last night I dreamed about a train disaster.  In the dream I knew there were bombs on two trains somehow and I tried to tell the authoritites that this disaster was going to happen but they wouldn’t listen to me, then tried to warn people at the station, but they ignored me.  So I decided to get on the first train and try and do something about it.  I’m not sure what I thought I was going to do but maybe I thought I could warn the people or something – I don’t know.  But anyway I got on the train and I was telling people it was going to blow up and they needed to get off and everyone just laughed at me.  We crossed a big bridge or something and I knew nobody was going to listen so I jumped out and tried to get as far away as possible.  I got to a train station and was telling people not to get on because the trains had bombs on them and then there was a huge explosion and the whole air shook.  We looked into the distance and we saw the first train’s first carriage explode, then the second then the third.  Then the train coming up behind it, first the first carriage, then the second then the third.  A couple standing next to me said that they had not gotten on the train at the previous station because of me shouting about the bombs and they thanked me for saving them.

What is it with me and disaster dreams?  My life’s a complete disaster!  I suppose it had a happy ending in so much as I saved someone – but I worry that it means I am carrying an unnecessary weight of other people’s problems or trying to help everyone else but not learning my own lessons.  I can see this is true, a wreck is like lots of scattered energy and an explosion is usually an erruption of supressed negative emotions, which need to be released.  The symbolic of the 3 carriages could be to with mind,body,spirit harmony – i.e I’m not in harmony at the moment.  I am feeling quite ill today with an upset tummy so maybe it was just because I was sick in the night and feverish and that dream was the result.


11 comments on “Dream blog – train disaster

  • I think that maybe it means you feel as though you are not being listened to, that somehow how you feel is being ignored even though you know that you are right. Dreams are very powerful in that your subconscious is trying to tell you something or bring something to the front that is bothering you that you are not acting on.


  • I love your clarity for the dream interpretation. It’s funny, today I think that I had a deja vu dream in my dream… When I woke up I was so sure I had dreamed that dream before, and yet it wasn’t only a repeated dream, the only word that came to my mind was deja vu but in this case related with that dream… Weird I know. Anyway, hope you’re feeling better already 🙂


      • You are lucky you remember your dreams, I just wake up sweating or smiling….. or confused most of the time, trying to figure out the reason behind the mini heart attack I have after really bad nightmares. All I know, is that they were bad dreams … that’s about it 🙂


  • Last night I know I had a complicated dream but all i could remember when I woke up was that it was in a surburban street, possibly a cul de sak and there were animals including 2 lions involved LOL


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