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OK so earlier I posted my dream from last night.  Now I’m going to see if I can make out what the symbols are trying to tell me.

The Dream

Last night I had a very odd dream.  I dreamt I had to puppy sit a teeny weeny little puppy.  He was very cute, but more like a hamster than a puppy.  I lived in a very odd house in a long terrace of houses that had several stories and were built (into the side of a cliff.)  I had a living room, down in the bottom of the house, like a little snug with a small conservatory that led out onto a pretty big garden.  The kids had their own living room upstairs.  So, I looked after this little dog and tried not to lose it in the garden and fed it cat food – the cat chased it at one point!  LOL  Anyway most of the dream is really fuzzy but I do remember that at the end of the dream there was a landslide that completely engulffed the whole terrace of houses – it was really scary.  Also the whole dream was very dark, taking place at night – even when I let the dog out in my garden and chased it around like a loony trying to get it back in.


For some reason i always have trouble trying to work out what my own dreams are trying to tell me, but no problem at all with other peoples’.  Anyway, let’s give it a go…

puppy sitting – well let’s start with this point.  A puppy is basically a baby dog so baby sitting usually means the need to pay more attention to your inner child, it is a nurturing aspect symbolically and the puppy is symbolic of a new masculine assertive part of the self that again is pointing to the need for love and nurturing.  The fact that it is a tiny puppy may show how vulnerable and un-loved I am feeling at the moment – it’s like I realllly need looking after… 😦

The fact that I am feeding the puppy cat food may mean that my femininity (symbolised by the cat) needs nourishing – I need to feel feminine, my inner babeness must need to come out LOL.

The type of building in a dream is very significant as it represents the self and each room is about different aspects of your life.  I am conscious that I am in the lower level of the house and I felt like it was the snug, basically a main living room.  The bottom level or basement usually represents sexual awareness and unconscious and the living room is daily interactions, so the fact that my children are upstairs in a different living room is very showing of how my children and I are not interacting enough at the moment.  There is a big distance between us, that is true and makes me sad but the fact that my room is also a snug and in the basement, makes me feel I am comfortable with my own company, which is true but because the house is in darkness, this shows that I need to get my energy levels up and also I feel, the whole family’s energy levels – I’m going to have to work on my relationships with my girls (and others).  I AM on my own too much, that is true.  The conservatory is that extended part of yourself that needs relaxation and glass is usually to do with perception – it’s dark – maybe I’m just too stressed to relax enough and enjoy life?

Garden’s usually represent the fruits of your labour, growing and learning…the garden was large and I spent my time in it running around in circles chasing the puppy!  LOL Self explanatory – not learning my life lessons, I’m running around in circles, chasing my tail maybe!!! Oh dear!

The biggest image to me was the landslide, completely covering all the houses.  Landslides represent feeling caved in, like everything is getting on top of me, carrying too much weight and responsibility and risk of emotional overload.  So I need to stop and nurture myself – which seems to be the over arching theme of the symbolism here.

OK So I am glad that I could pull this dream apart and it was very telling about my emotional state and relationships or lack of them at the moment so…yeah…what can I say?  It’s so me!



  • Now that you have worked out your dream and what it represents, what are you going to do about it???????? Hopefully try and get out a bit more, I will always go with you to whatever you want to do except walking distance of course


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