Dream blog – puppies and landslides

Published June 2, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Last night I had a very odd dream.  I dreamt I had to puppy sit a teeny weeny little puppy.  He was very cute, but more like a hamster than a puppy.  I lived in a very odd house in a long terrace of houses that had several stories and were built (into the side of a cliff.)  I had a living room, down in the bottom of the house, like a little snug with a small conservatory that led out onto a pretty big garden.  The kids had their own living room upstairs.  So, I looked after this little dog and tried not to lose it in the garden and fed it cat food – the cat chased it at one point!  LOL  Anyway most of the dream is really fuzzy but I do remember that at the end of the dream there was a landslide that completely engulffed the whole terrace of houses – it was really scary.  Also the whole dream was very dark, taking place at night – even when I let the dog out in my garden and chased it around like a loony trying to get it back in.

So there you are – any thoughts anyone?

I already have some thoughts about this dream so I shall update with the symbols later.  I’d be interested in others’ take on it though.


2 comments on “Dream blog – puppies and landslides

  • Well the girls do basically live upstairs, occasionally showing face to eat etc: So not much change there, wishing for a bigger garden maybe? Life for you at the moment needs brightening up. Maybe we can do something other than computers together, again what do you think? Need to put more colour in your life, like your wonderful paintings. .
    Anyway thanks for your help today, will try and remember everything. Love Mum xxxxxx


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