Space Between the Universes – Riding the Storm

Published May 31, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


I opened my eyes to a stormy sky and motion – the rocking and bobbing of the little wooden row boat that I was sitting in.  His fair face smiled down at me from his position at the oars, as he calmly and gently pulled them through the choppy waves with a natural strength, not even breaking a sweat.  The little boat moved at a steady pace but appeared to be in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water with no sign of land.  I sat up and looked around about me at the great expanse of water and the sky, darkening even as the moments moved on.  In no time a storm would be upon us and we were exposed out here in this tiny boat.

“A storm is coming!”  I said and he laughed,

“There’s always a storm coming!”

It started to rain.  Just a fine drizzle, but rain is rain!  “Why are we out here in this?  We’ll be drowned!”  I cried, “We need to get back to the beach!”  He stopped rowing and pulled the oars into the boat.

“You can’t stay on that beach forever!  Sometimes you have to just chance it and ride out the storm.”   He reached over and took a hold of my hands.  “We’ll ride it together – what do you say?”  My heart started to pound as the clouds darkened and the rain become faster and heavier, soaking through our clothes and dripping into our eyes.  The little boat started to dance about erratically as the wind and waves and driving rain threw it all over the place.

I gripped on tight to his hands, they felt large and strong and even in the rain were warm to the touch and they seemed to steady me even though I felt like the boat might tip over at any minute.  “Please Lord!  Take us back to the beach!”  I cried, my tears mixing with the rain, “I’m scared!  I’m so scared!  I don’t want to drown and the waves will soon be too high for us to avoid.”  The boat was being tossed around uncontrollably now and sea water was sloshing over the sides of the tiny boat.  There was a flash of lightning and then a huge clap of thunder and I jumped in shock and fear, soon becoming overwhelmed with terror.  Why was he just sitting there calmly smiling at me?  Was he crazy?  We were going to drown!

He laughed as he sat back down beside me and then put his arms around me to comfort me.  His warmth and love immediately stopped my body from trembling.

“This world is of your own making my love.  It is your own little space between the universes – remember?  You create the world you desire and you have the power to control the storm.”  He sat back and looked me in the eyes, “Don’t you love me?  Don’t you trust me?  Don’t you know that you are my beloved and I have given you the power to control this space between the universes?  This is just another dimension that you need to learn to take control of.  In the end – all universes are made of the same stuff – dreams!  Your dreams!  And they are so powerful!  Will it and it will be so – because you are created from the same stuff.  Do you think I wouldn’t give you control over your own destiny?  Here take these.”  He handed me the oars.  “You choose the direction we should go.”

I took the oars and looked at him in question.  “I don’t know which way to turn, the sea is all around us – how do I know which way is the right way?”  My Lord licked his finger and held it out to the wind, he looked thoughtful for a moment and I asked him, “Which direction is the wind blowing?”

“Does it make a difference?”  He asked, “You will find land eventually, just row and just by taking action you will soon find you will make swift progress.”  I started to row but still wasn’t sure.

“How do I know I’m not just rowing in circles or that I have chosen the longest route to the shore?”  He shrugged,

“You don’t!  But as long as you get there eventually, it really doesn’t matter how fast you get there or what direction you take.”

I kept rowing as straight as I could, pushing against the driving rain and the wind and my arms were soon aching with the effort and my breath was becoming laboured with the exertion and I groaned.  I closed my eyes and pushed on with determination and suddenly felt his hands on mine as I tried to battle against the stormy sea.   “It’s too hard!  The weather is making it impossible to keep a steady course!”  My Lord shook his head at me and frowned,

“Why do you make life so difficult for yourself!  You control the weather!”

I stopped rowing and I looked him in the eye.  He nodded.  And then I realised the truth.  I stood up and closing my eyes I tried to envision a bright blue sky with no clouds and a warm sun, with just a small breeze to take the edge off of the heat.  I imagined the boat once more calmly floating on still waters close to the shore.  I immediately felt the sun on my face and the wind stopped howling and the boat stopped lurching about and when I opened my eyes we were once more bobbing gently by our beach.  The sun was shining, the sea was calm and blue and God wasn’t in the boat.  I looked around and saw him lying on the beach, sunning himself.  So I jumped out of the little boat and waded to the beach and sat beside him on the warm sand.

He turned onto his side, leaning on his elbow and grinned up at me.  “You see!  You just have to have faith!”  I smiled,

“I always have faith in you my Lord.”  He laughed and stroked my cheek,

“Not in me – I know you have faith in me already – you need to have faith in yourself!  Be your own guide through the storms in life and I will hold the oars with you to keep you steady.”  He sat up and I nodded my understanding, a little tear of happiness escaping my eye.  Once again he scooped the tear away onto his finger where it turned into a snow flake.  He held it up to the air and let the breeze catch hold of it – it floated away across the sea.

“We’ll let the wind take this one!”


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