Space between the Universes – Darkness to light!

Published May 28, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



darkness!  Silence!  Unconsciousness!  And then a whisper before a flash! Followed by more sound – and with a crash of thunder – Light! Awareness! Consciousness!  The beginning of something…

With awareness comes fear – fear of the unknown – what is coming next?


I opened my eyes to the space between the universes and at first I was confused.  There was only darkness surrounding me, engulfing me, suffocating me.  With the darkness came a deafening silence that consumed my attentiveness.  I listened and searched for meaning in the void and all I could feel was loneliness.  My heart started to ache with the longing of sensation and soon I heard a whispering in my ear “I am here…” and then I perceived a bright flash!  With the flash came a loud sound, like a crash of thunder filled with energy and a flood of emotion that consumed my every being, an overwhelming sensation of love, peace, joy and warmth.  I could not discern a direction as there was none – a void has no direction – no time – no space!  Another silent flash and back to darkness.  I became afraid that I would not sense the light again and all the love, warmth and peace within it.

I waited for an undetermined amount of time – I had no reference for time – but then a pinpoint of light appeared in the distance!  As I looked around me tiny flashes began to explode in the darkness like pins punching holes through a black cloth stretched out taut.  With each flash the light hit me and I felt loved, it was as if each little light was a piece of what was in the flash at the beginning of my consciousness, a reminder of what the light represented and I ached to be bathed in its illumination once more.  I suddenly became aware that the lights were stars and the sound of the ocean gently touched my ears.  I blinked and when my eyes opened again I was standing on the shoreline of my consciousness, the waves gently lapped to and fro around my bare feet.  The moon had now joined the stars and it bathed the ocean in little ripples of light that felt warm in the cool air.

As I gazed out at the light of the moon reflecting on the surface of the sea I saw something moving in the distance out towards the horizon.  I squinted; trying to make out what it was and saw the shimmering figure of a man walking towards me, and it looked as if he walked on top of the ripples of light.  And then he was right in front of me.  God stepped on to the beach and as he did he held his hand up into the air as if waiting to catch something.  A ball of light from one of the distant stars flew into his hand and he held his hand out for a moment so that I could see the orb of energetic light dancing in his palm.  I looked deep into it because it drew my eye into its heart and then I looked up at his smiling face and asked “What is it?”

“A gift!”  He said simply and then threw it at my chest.  It disappeared into my body and I gasped as the love and burst of energy overwhelmed me for a moment and I stumbled forward.  He caught me in his arms and laughed gently as I tried to steady myself but the overwhelming emotion brought tears to my eyes. He reached out and carefully caught the tear on his finger and held it up to the light of the moon.  “This one belongs to the star that has given you life!”  He whispered and winked at me as he blew the tear and it flew towards the stars.  Then he placed his hand over my heart and said “This gift is to be shared…”

Then with one kiss on the cheek the beach and God were gone and just before I returned to my reality – the space between the universes became just light…


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