Space between the Universes – The Sea’s Story

Published May 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



Behind my eyelids he calls for me.  “Come and join me in our special place I have a whisper waiting to be shared, a dream to be woven – come and sit awhile and we will glimpse infinity together…”  The darkness in my mind’s eye is flooded with the warmth of his light and I open my eyes to our beach scene.  The air is fresh and warm, the sea is calm and blue, the sky dotted with wisps of fluffy cloud that drift slowly in the imaginings of my space between the universes.  Sure enough he sits on a rock, bathed in a sun beam that illuminates his smile and reflects in the twinkle in his eye.

I smile and he pats the rock beside him.  I walk slowly across the sand, feeling the softness of the warm grains between my toes and my Lord embraces me.  Then I sit and look around at the construction of my fantasy; my perfect little piece of paradise.  He strokes my cheek and I turn to meet his eye, the universe stares back at me, countless galaxies contained within a single pupil and my eye is drawn deep into the swirling starriness until he blinks and says softly, “The waves desire to share a story with you.  Listen carefully…”

The sea sighs as I turn to hear her tale.  She beckons me to her whispering, sighing, “wishhhhh…wishhhhh… listen as I tell you of the fishhhhh…”  Her heartbeat throbs and her breath exhales in time with the ebb and flow of the tide…  I turn to God to ask what I am listening for and he is gone from the rock and is walking along the shore line, half a mile up the beach.  He turns and beckons me to follow him.  I jump down from the rock and start to walk along the surf towards him as the sea sighs and whispers in my ear, “wishhhh….wishhhh….listen as I tell you of the fish…”

I realise that the sea is trying to hypnotise me with her whispering and I laugh, “You won’t have me so easily” I whisper back at her.  As if in reply a larger wave comes rolling in towards me and surrounds my ankles in cold, salty froth.  The sea tries to drag me in to join her.  I stumble but do not fall and the waves spit a cold condemnation at me,

“You do not love me!  Do you think you are better than I who am married to the moon, who brings seasons to the Earth?  You are just a blink in the sunlight; you do not even remember those that came before you who sleep now in my warm bed and dream of humanity’s earlier mistakes.”

I look for God who is disappearing into the distance and start to run to catch up with him, “What mistakes?”  I call to the sea as I run, splashing saltiness up into my face.  I try to wipe the sting from my eyes to look for God and I shout out “My Lord!  Lord – please wait – don’t leave me!”  The sea sighs once more and taunts me,

“He is tired of your kind – you laugh at me and abuse my sister the Earth and then wonder why I come to comfort her.  I cover her in my salty tears to cleanse the wounds your kind inflicts on her – is it my fault you are in my way?”   I run faster as the sea continues to shout abuse at me, “You waste my bounty, my beautiful finned creatures who give their lives to feed your children – you catch too many and throw them back dead to poison me!”

“But I don’t do that!”  I cry to her as I run on.  I am scared now, the sea is threatening, her power great – she will drown me if she wishes it.  The Sea croons,

“You are all as one – your kind.  What one does you all do.  You make decisions as one, you farm and fish as one, you pollute the air as one, you teach your children as one, you punish each other and make war as one – to make changes you need to work as one!  But you turn your faces to the wall and say “It was not me!  I didn’t do it!”  A great wave crashes against me pushing me over and drags back out pulling sand and shingle and me with it,

“I can’t help what those in power do!”  I cry to the sea, “Who am I?  Just one person lost in the crowd!”  The sea laughs and spits her salty spray to blind me even more.  “Stop that!”  I shout at the sea, “You will blind me!”

“You are already blind!  And I cannot help what one drop of me does!”  She laughs, “What is one drop in my oceans of vastness?”

“But you control each drop!  You are powerful!  You flow as one!”  The sea hisses and spits at me

“And you and your kind do likewise!  You move and flow as one entity – you must influence each other to do what all wants!  Speak together, plan together, change together

I look out at the horizon and the sea begins to laugh.  She draws back, back, further, further back towards the horizon!  I see fish stranded where she has abandoned them, they flip and jump on the sand, gasping for oxygen, and I think ‘I don’t like this!’  I see what is inevitable – the great wall of water coming towards me, ready to drown me in the sea’s anger.  I cry out in fear as it thunders towards me.  I throw my arms up and close my eyes to cover my face and hide me from the sea’s murderous intent.  And then all is silent.  The roaring stops and the flapping of the fish ceases and I  open my eyes to a calm sea, lapping gently around my toes.

Standing beside me, smiling, his eyes reflecting that wondrous scene I saw earlier of galaxies of stars spiralling into infinity was My God.  “Did the sea tell you her story?”  He asked gently and he put his arm around me as we walked to a small row boat bobbing by the shore.  I nodded, a tear falling helplessly down my cheek.  “Another universe is born…”  he whispers and catches my tear and lets it drip into the ocean, “We will let the sea have this one.  Now you are a mere drop in the ocean…”  He smiles and kisses me where the tear had been, “Now you have the power of my sea at your command!  What will you do with such power?”

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