The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

Published May 22, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

A haunting image, an historic image – of a tornado captured back in 1965. A ghost of another time but a poignant reminder of the devastation such an event represents. The raw power of nature that is ruthless in its short life-span, showing no mercy as it brutally mows down everything in its path.

I have been, like many I’m sure, glued to the news reports covering the recent Oklahoma Tornado that has left such a raw wound for the people who now have to try and re-build their lives as well as their homes, schools – in fact their whole communities. Many have lost family members, children buried in the rubble of a school – so, so sad! I think events such as these, which are sadly becoming almost common place, serve as a reminder to us all of just how fragile life is but also how resilient. Like a wild flower that has pushed its way through the cracks in a brick wall to find the sun – humanity turns its face to the light and laughs at the dark clouds of the storm that tries again and again to bend and break its will. Life goes on – it has to, and I hope that the survivors of this awful and most tragic of events will be able to one day look back at photographs in an archive of the Oklahoma tornado, and see just a ghost – nothing more! A shadow that blotted out the light for a short time and then passed on by…yes it was a dark moment and took lives but it didn’t take the light of hope – hope is the promise of another day without the storm!

Image ID: wea00217, NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Collection
Location: Indiana, Elkhart
Photo Date: 1965 April 11
Photographer: Mr. Paul Huffman

Category: Monsters/Tornadoes/


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