Very Inspiring Blog Award

Published May 19, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


I would like to thank Ur of ‘Musings of Ur’ – for nominating me for the Very inspiring blog award.  You definitely deserved this award Ur.  I love your blog.  Lots of musings, lovely writings, paintings etc. to browse. 🙂

Seven things about me:-

1. I live by the sea but haven’t been swimming in the sea yet this year LOL

2. I hate housework

3. I can’t live without a spell check on my laptop :O

4. I am a cat person not a cat woman – although that would be cool – think I’d look a bit odd in a black leather cat suit though!

5. I love looking at the stars for hours on a Summer’s night

6. My daughter’s think I’m a UFO freak because I watch too many UFO vids on You tube

7. I like to tap dance in my kitchen when I’m alone! 😀

Oh my goodness – finding 15 bloggers to nominate?! What the? OK – this was tough!  I really wanted to nominate people who I think have very inspiring aspects of their blogs – so ALL these blogers are awesome and deserve to be checked out:-

My nominations are:-

  1. Quillan and Angela at Toemail –
  2. Paul at poesy plus polemics –
  3. Alexey Markovitch at Bright moments catcher –
  4. Andra Watkins at The Accidental Cootchie Mama
  5. Opinionated Man at Harsh Reality –
  6. The Mad Hatter at Death Ray Wish –
  7. Aleksejs at Love. Life. –
  8. T.B.M. at 50 Year Project –
  9. All about le mon at All around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe  –
  10. Hearts Ignited –
  11. Novice Dad at the Novice Dad’s Diary –
  12. Sanoj Jose at Where the Angels Meet to Post Messages – and Music of the Soul –
  13. Maggie at Brainstorms: How Epilepsy and Writing connect –
  14. Tonia at Sharing My World, My Journey –
  15. Sarah Monagle at Pondering it All –

18 comments on “Very Inspiring Blog Award

  • Thanks Laura for the kind words.
    And I love gazing at stars too…I know nominating 15 bloggers is a pain.But it’s worthwhile to spread the positivity.Trust me.


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