Jill-in-the-box – Black Hole Blogging

Published May 18, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



Black Hole Blogging


This week I want to talk to you about ‘Black Hole Blogging’.  So, I’m on week 2 of my journey to share my experiences of depression and anxieties with you and something interesting was brought to my attention during my counselling session this week.  And that is the image of the internet as one big event horizon of information – the internet is super dense – and being filled with more and more information daily.  Where does it go?  It’s just there – in cyber space – absorbed into this super-dense cloud of information, churning around in a void of code.  Zeros and ones – information – just – there – until we go searching for it, until we ‘boldly go’ as it were exploring this Cyber Space for the information we seek in our individual quests.

And in we go like Lemmings – blind and without a guide – without a map and generally without a clue as to what it is we are going in there for.  Oh you might have a general, vague plan of attack to begin with – a word to throw out there to one of the many search engines (our Rocket ships into the void).  But how many of us start off in one direction and then end up veering vastly off course and then get ‘sucked in’ to the ‘Black hole of Blogging’?

I know I’m making light of it, it is quite funny when you think about it – us Human Lemmings all getting lost in cyber space, following a carrot, a little tit-bit of information until – oops!  Where was I going?  How do I find my way back?  But actually it can be very dangerous!  And like a real black hole – getting ‘sucked in’ isn’t a good thing!  It can have a really negative and worrying effect!  I have found myself following information round and round in a circle, lost in it, ‘absorbed’ into it.  and then I look at the clock and I think – what?  No!  I couldn’t have been on here that long?  Could I?  And it can be very negative, very depressing if you get absorbed by the wrong information.  I’m not going to go into it in any more depth than that, just to say – if you are logging in today and you feel your hand on that mouse hovering over a search engine, getting ready to ‘boldly go’ – think about taking a map, compass and oxygen tank with a timer on it with you – and don’t get ‘sucked in’!!!!


3 comments on “Jill-in-the-box – Black Hole Blogging

  • I can definitely relate to this one. If I don’t focus with laser-like precision, I’ll find myself in some hinterland of the internet only vaguely connected by several tangential conjectures to what I was originally looking for – not to mention the loss of unrecoverable time.


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