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Space Between the Universes – Riding the Storm

Published May 31, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


I opened my eyes to a stormy sky and motion – the rocking and bobbing of the little wooden row boat that I was sitting in.  His fair face smiled down at me from his position at the oars, as he calmly and gently pulled them through the choppy waves with a natural strength, not even breaking a sweat.  The little boat moved at a steady pace but appeared to be in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water with no sign of land.  I sat up and looked around about me at the great expanse of water and the sky, darkening even as the moments moved on.  In no time a storm would be upon us and we were exposed out here in this tiny boat.

“A storm is coming!”  I said and he laughed,

“There’s always a storm coming!”

It started to rain.  Just a fine drizzle, but rain is rain!  “Why are we out here in this?  We’ll be drowned!”  I cried, “We need to get back to the beach!”  He stopped rowing and pulled the oars into the boat.

“You can’t stay on that beach forever!  Sometimes you have to just chance it and ride out the storm.”   He reached over and took a hold of my hands.  “We’ll ride it together – what do you say?”  My heart started to pound as the clouds darkened and the rain become faster and heavier, soaking through our clothes and dripping into our eyes.  The little boat started to dance about erratically as the wind and waves and driving rain threw it all over the place.

I gripped on tight to his hands, they felt large and strong and even in the rain were warm to the touch and they seemed to steady me even though I felt like the boat might tip over at any minute.  “Please Lord!  Take us back to the beach!”  I cried, my tears mixing with the rain, “I’m scared!  I’m so scared!  I don’t want to drown and the waves will soon be too high for us to avoid.”  The boat was being tossed around uncontrollably now and sea water was sloshing over the sides of the tiny boat.  There was a flash of lightning and then a huge clap of thunder and I jumped in shock and fear, soon becoming overwhelmed with terror.  Why was he just sitting there calmly smiling at me?  Was he crazy?  We were going to drown!

He laughed as he sat back down beside me and then put his arms around me to comfort me.  His warmth and love immediately stopped my body from trembling.

“This world is of your own making my love.  It is your own little space between the universes – remember?  You create the world you desire and you have the power to control the storm.”  He sat back and looked me in the eyes, “Don’t you love me?  Don’t you trust me?  Don’t you know that you are my beloved and I have given you the power to control this space between the universes?  This is just another dimension that you need to learn to take control of.  In the end – all universes are made of the same stuff – dreams!  Your dreams!  And they are so powerful!  Will it and it will be so – because you are created from the same stuff.  Do you think I wouldn’t give you control over your own destiny?  Here take these.”  He handed me the oars.  “You choose the direction we should go.”

I took the oars and looked at him in question.  “I don’t know which way to turn, the sea is all around us – how do I know which way is the right way?”  My Lord licked his finger and held it out to the wind, he looked thoughtful for a moment and I asked him, “Which direction is the wind blowing?”

“Does it make a difference?”  He asked, “You will find land eventually, just row and just by taking action you will soon find you will make swift progress.”  I started to row but still wasn’t sure.

“How do I know I’m not just rowing in circles or that I have chosen the longest route to the shore?”  He shrugged,

“You don’t!  But as long as you get there eventually, it really doesn’t matter how fast you get there or what direction you take.”

I kept rowing as straight as I could, pushing against the driving rain and the wind and my arms were soon aching with the effort and my breath was becoming laboured with the exertion and I groaned.  I closed my eyes and pushed on with determination and suddenly felt his hands on mine as I tried to battle against the stormy sea.   “It’s too hard!  The weather is making it impossible to keep a steady course!”  My Lord shook his head at me and frowned,

“Why do you make life so difficult for yourself!  You control the weather!”

I stopped rowing and I looked him in the eye.  He nodded.  And then I realised the truth.  I stood up and closing my eyes I tried to envision a bright blue sky with no clouds and a warm sun, with just a small breeze to take the edge off of the heat.  I imagined the boat once more calmly floating on still waters close to the shore.  I immediately felt the sun on my face and the wind stopped howling and the boat stopped lurching about and when I opened my eyes we were once more bobbing gently by our beach.  The sun was shining, the sea was calm and blue and God wasn’t in the boat.  I looked around and saw him lying on the beach, sunning himself.  So I jumped out of the little boat and waded to the beach and sat beside him on the warm sand.

He turned onto his side, leaning on his elbow and grinned up at me.  “You see!  You just have to have faith!”  I smiled,

“I always have faith in you my Lord.”  He laughed and stroked my cheek,

“Not in me – I know you have faith in me already – you need to have faith in yourself!  Be your own guide through the storms in life and I will hold the oars with you to keep you steady.”  He sat up and I nodded my understanding, a little tear of happiness escaping my eye.  Once again he scooped the tear away onto his finger where it turned into a snow flake.  He held it up to the air and let the breeze catch hold of it – it floated away across the sea.

“We’ll let the wind take this one!”

Camera glare, UFOs, Strange extra planets – What the???

Published May 30, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Camera glare, UFOs, Strange extra planets - What the???

I was watching the 6 O’clock news on BBC1 this evening and a story came on about how some British holoiday makers are having difficulty getting EU medical treatment in Spain. Well at the beginning of this story a video clip was shown of a plane – my eye was immediately drawn to the glare of the sun and 2 rather large round black shapes in the sky around the sun! I rewound the sky box and watched it a couple of times, thinking what on Earth are they? Are they caused by the glare of the sun somehow on the camera? Are they UFOs? Are they some mysterious appearance of extra planets? LOL – What the hell are they? Anyone want to throw out some suggestions?

Xx Laura Crean xX

Dream Blog – Dear Laura – I’m always running away from zombies…

Published May 29, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

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A lovely lady sent me a message on one of my Facebook pages the other day asking me to interpret a rather disturbing dream for her.  She has given me her permission to share her dream and my interpretation on here.  I won’t use the lady’s name but I thought it was a good example of how really scary nightmare images can actually be very simple symbols to interpret and help you in your day to day life.


The Dream

Hi Laura,

I had a dream the other night. Don’t know if you can help me, but I’m always running away from zombies. (okay, so it’s more than just one dream).

This weekend I dreamt my brother drove someone over, then shot himself in the head. I watched the whole thing. It felt soooooooooooo, so real. I ran to the car and the blood wasn’t coming from his head but his heart – the wound was there instead. I woke up crying. I couldn’t stop. It felt too real.

About two weeks earlier I dreamt I was hiding. I don’t remember all the details but the dream started off calm, then there was an explosion and next there were guys with guns chasing us. We started running and I changed direction because I knew it would not end well.

The “runners” ended up hiding in a room. I found a small box and hid in there, thinking it’s the last place they’ll look.

A tall black man found me first, shot me twice in the heart and what should have been a lot of blood was a dash (almost nothing).

To my surprise I didn’t die. So I pretended to be dead but he found it strange that my eyes were closed, not open-dead. Then my body jerked and gave me away.

He shot me again. Each time, I pretended to be dead, but my body jolted and gave me away. And each time he shot me in the chest, almost no blood and at the end I was afraid he’d get tired of it and just kill me with his hands and spread my body parts across the room (that way I wouldn’t be able to come together and be alive).

At the end my body jolted and I had a whole lot of water coming out of me.

Care to indulge me?

I actually feel a bit more powerful having this dream. Usually I lose a lot of blood (energy), and it feels like whatever it is, it’s not hurting as much.

This same night zombies were chasing us in another dream.

Anyway, thought you may have a different angle.


my response

LOL funnily enough I’ve had a few zombie dreams myself.

Anyway, Hi!

I am by no means an expert – I’m not a psychologist or anything like that, so I can only offer you my personal view on dream imagery. There can be so many different interpretations to one symbol in a dream – the best person in the end to figure it out is yourself. But here are a few things that may help you work out what your dreams are trying to tell you.

Your dreams sound more like nightmares – were they very scary? I would say the first thing I’ve learnt about dreams is that every image is telling us something about ourselves. So don’t be scared – whatever is happening in the dream, it is your unconscious trying to draw your attention to something in your life that may need sorting out or not – depends on the symbolism.

Running away from something in a dream usually means you are avoiding something, not dealing with a situation or anxiety perhaps or an aspect of yourself you are afraid to face. Usually it is advisable if you can become more aware in your dream state that you turn and face whatever it is that you are running away from. A zombie is by definition ‘the living dead’ – a creature that is only a semblance of life, therefore maybe you are not living your life to the full and feel a little like that zombie – just a semblance of yourself, maybe lacking in energy, just sleepwalking through life. Death can also mean an opportunity for new life – so maybe you are running from a part of your life that is dead and no longer relevant to your life now and you need to leave it behind and get on with living your new life.

Now the dreams where you are hiding are very similar, you are avoiding facing up to a situation, perhaps not being honest with yourself about something. The box you are hiding in where you hope nobody will find you is basically of your own making. In life maybe you are limiting yourself – just trying to blend in with everyone else – probably best to break out of the box and expand your vision, don’t impose limits on yourself. Do you feel like a certain situation is boxing you in, trapping you somehow?

The pretending to be dead part and keeping your eyes closed is just another way of hiding. The fact that you were surprised you didn’t die shows that you know that it’s ‘not the end of the world’ and you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

An explosion after a period of calm could mean that something has happened in your life out of the blue that has had a powerful effect on you or that some pent up feelings have been released and need to be dealt with. Guns in dreams usually have a sexual connotation and being shot usually leads to losing energy. If men are chasing you with guns, I wonder if you are avoiding something about relationship issues to do with a man or men in your life. Your choice to change direction could be something to do with a new relationship – maybe you are in a new relationship or there is something about a relationship that needs to be changed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a love relationship, but I’m guessing it is with a male. However it could be a change in a part of your own relationship with yourself, perhaps a masculine part of you like you are feeling more powerful and in control or you need to be more powerful and in control in your own life. It could also be a change in a spiritual relationship. In the end when you just have water pouring out of you – to me water is emotional energy so a relationship you are in may literally being draining you emotionally.

The whole image of the tall black man shooting you in the heart is an interesting one to me. The black man I feel is unconscious, unknown parts of yourself, maybe those strong, male powerful aspects I talked about before, perhaps you have been afraid to show your more powerful, confident, assertive side and it is that aspect of yourself that is trying to take control of the situation or indeed you in your life. Your heart is your emotional centre – losing energy through a wounding could mean someone is draining you emotionally – are you getting caught up in other people’s trips, giving away your power to others by over empathising with them and not concentrating on your own needs? The heart is also the ‘Christ centre’ so it could be a spiritual rather than a relationship crisis.

Now to go back to the incident you opened with – your brother running someone over with the car. The car is you – your vehicle through life. The fact that your brother is driving the car makes me feel like, either he has more control over what you do than you yourself or that aspects or strengths that you see in your brother are aspects you need to have in your own life. Running someone over may mean you have hit an obstacle in your life or that someone is in your way – standing in the path of your life’s journey. The shot to the head may mean that you are over thinking a situation or that something is too hard to deal with or think about and it is leading to you losing emotional energy from the heart chakra again – i.e. it is draining you. The fact that you woke up crying, suggests to me that there is something in your waking life that is upsetting you and draining you emotionally that you need to take control of.

How was that? Any help? Or was it total drivel?

LOL If it has helped in any way can you let me know.


Her initial response to my thoughts

Hi Laura,

Wow. Thank you soooooooooo much for all that help.

Your input is so much appreciated. I need time to discern, dissect and categorize everything as I am indeed not facing a lot of things. But not because I don’t want to. Because I am tired. Tired of so much. And hurt. By an old relationship which was so close to being rekindled and now I have to forgive myself for messing it up.

I’m just so thankful that I could share that with you. It sort of feels great to have someone who can look at something from a different angle 🙂


So there you are – a real person with a real dream that on the surface appears really scary and overwhelming but when you break it down and look at the images symbolically they can be used to see how your unconscious mind tries to give you clues about what’s going on and how you can deal with different situations in your day to day life.

I just wish I could use my dreams to help myself!  LOL  Oh well – helping others is good therapy too! 😉

Love and Light

❤ Xx Laura xX ❤

(Symbols used – source – The Dream Book – Symbols for Selfunderstanding by Betty Bethards)

Space between the Universes – Darkness to light!

Published May 28, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



darkness!  Silence!  Unconsciousness!  And then a whisper before a flash! Followed by more sound – and with a crash of thunder – Light! Awareness! Consciousness!  The beginning of something…

With awareness comes fear – fear of the unknown – what is coming next?


I opened my eyes to the space between the universes and at first I was confused.  There was only darkness surrounding me, engulfing me, suffocating me.  With the darkness came a deafening silence that consumed my attentiveness.  I listened and searched for meaning in the void and all I could feel was loneliness.  My heart started to ache with the longing of sensation and soon I heard a whispering in my ear “I am here…” and then I perceived a bright flash!  With the flash came a loud sound, like a crash of thunder filled with energy and a flood of emotion that consumed my every being, an overwhelming sensation of love, peace, joy and warmth.  I could not discern a direction as there was none – a void has no direction – no time – no space!  Another silent flash and back to darkness.  I became afraid that I would not sense the light again and all the love, warmth and peace within it.

I waited for an undetermined amount of time – I had no reference for time – but then a pinpoint of light appeared in the distance!  As I looked around me tiny flashes began to explode in the darkness like pins punching holes through a black cloth stretched out taut.  With each flash the light hit me and I felt loved, it was as if each little light was a piece of what was in the flash at the beginning of my consciousness, a reminder of what the light represented and I ached to be bathed in its illumination once more.  I suddenly became aware that the lights were stars and the sound of the ocean gently touched my ears.  I blinked and when my eyes opened again I was standing on the shoreline of my consciousness, the waves gently lapped to and fro around my bare feet.  The moon had now joined the stars and it bathed the ocean in little ripples of light that felt warm in the cool air.

As I gazed out at the light of the moon reflecting on the surface of the sea I saw something moving in the distance out towards the horizon.  I squinted; trying to make out what it was and saw the shimmering figure of a man walking towards me, and it looked as if he walked on top of the ripples of light.  And then he was right in front of me.  God stepped on to the beach and as he did he held his hand up into the air as if waiting to catch something.  A ball of light from one of the distant stars flew into his hand and he held his hand out for a moment so that I could see the orb of energetic light dancing in his palm.  I looked deep into it because it drew my eye into its heart and then I looked up at his smiling face and asked “What is it?”

“A gift!”  He said simply and then threw it at my chest.  It disappeared into my body and I gasped as the love and burst of energy overwhelmed me for a moment and I stumbled forward.  He caught me in his arms and laughed gently as I tried to steady myself but the overwhelming emotion brought tears to my eyes. He reached out and carefully caught the tear on his finger and held it up to the light of the moon.  “This one belongs to the star that has given you life!”  He whispered and winked at me as he blew the tear and it flew towards the stars.  Then he placed his hand over my heart and said “This gift is to be shared…”

Then with one kiss on the cheek the beach and God were gone and just before I returned to my reality – the space between the universes became just light…

Space between the Universes – The Sea’s Story

Published May 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



Behind my eyelids he calls for me.  “Come and join me in our special place I have a whisper waiting to be shared, a dream to be woven – come and sit awhile and we will glimpse infinity together…”  The darkness in my mind’s eye is flooded with the warmth of his light and I open my eyes to our beach scene.  The air is fresh and warm, the sea is calm and blue, the sky dotted with wisps of fluffy cloud that drift slowly in the imaginings of my space between the universes.  Sure enough he sits on a rock, bathed in a sun beam that illuminates his smile and reflects in the twinkle in his eye.

I smile and he pats the rock beside him.  I walk slowly across the sand, feeling the softness of the warm grains between my toes and my Lord embraces me.  Then I sit and look around at the construction of my fantasy; my perfect little piece of paradise.  He strokes my cheek and I turn to meet his eye, the universe stares back at me, countless galaxies contained within a single pupil and my eye is drawn deep into the swirling starriness until he blinks and says softly, “The waves desire to share a story with you.  Listen carefully…”

The sea sighs as I turn to hear her tale.  She beckons me to her whispering, sighing, “wishhhhh…wishhhhh… listen as I tell you of the fishhhhh…”  Her heartbeat throbs and her breath exhales in time with the ebb and flow of the tide…  I turn to God to ask what I am listening for and he is gone from the rock and is walking along the shore line, half a mile up the beach.  He turns and beckons me to follow him.  I jump down from the rock and start to walk along the surf towards him as the sea sighs and whispers in my ear, “wishhhh….wishhhh….listen as I tell you of the fish…”

I realise that the sea is trying to hypnotise me with her whispering and I laugh, “You won’t have me so easily” I whisper back at her.  As if in reply a larger wave comes rolling in towards me and surrounds my ankles in cold, salty froth.  The sea tries to drag me in to join her.  I stumble but do not fall and the waves spit a cold condemnation at me,

“You do not love me!  Do you think you are better than I who am married to the moon, who brings seasons to the Earth?  You are just a blink in the sunlight; you do not even remember those that came before you who sleep now in my warm bed and dream of humanity’s earlier mistakes.”

I look for God who is disappearing into the distance and start to run to catch up with him, “What mistakes?”  I call to the sea as I run, splashing saltiness up into my face.  I try to wipe the sting from my eyes to look for God and I shout out “My Lord!  Lord – please wait – don’t leave me!”  The sea sighs once more and taunts me,

“He is tired of your kind – you laugh at me and abuse my sister the Earth and then wonder why I come to comfort her.  I cover her in my salty tears to cleanse the wounds your kind inflicts on her – is it my fault you are in my way?”   I run faster as the sea continues to shout abuse at me, “You waste my bounty, my beautiful finned creatures who give their lives to feed your children – you catch too many and throw them back dead to poison me!”

“But I don’t do that!”  I cry to her as I run on.  I am scared now, the sea is threatening, her power great – she will drown me if she wishes it.  The Sea croons,

“You are all as one – your kind.  What one does you all do.  You make decisions as one, you farm and fish as one, you pollute the air as one, you teach your children as one, you punish each other and make war as one – to make changes you need to work as one!  But you turn your faces to the wall and say “It was not me!  I didn’t do it!”  A great wave crashes against me pushing me over and drags back out pulling sand and shingle and me with it,

“I can’t help what those in power do!”  I cry to the sea, “Who am I?  Just one person lost in the crowd!”  The sea laughs and spits her salty spray to blind me even more.  “Stop that!”  I shout at the sea, “You will blind me!”

“You are already blind!  And I cannot help what one drop of me does!”  She laughs, “What is one drop in my oceans of vastness?”

“But you control each drop!  You are powerful!  You flow as one!”  The sea hisses and spits at me

“And you and your kind do likewise!  You move and flow as one entity – you must influence each other to do what all wants!  Speak together, plan together, change together

I look out at the horizon and the sea begins to laugh.  She draws back, back, further, further back towards the horizon!  I see fish stranded where she has abandoned them, they flip and jump on the sand, gasping for oxygen, and I think ‘I don’t like this!’  I see what is inevitable – the great wall of water coming towards me, ready to drown me in the sea’s anger.  I cry out in fear as it thunders towards me.  I throw my arms up and close my eyes to cover my face and hide me from the sea’s murderous intent.  And then all is silent.  The roaring stops and the flapping of the fish ceases and I  open my eyes to a calm sea, lapping gently around my toes.

Standing beside me, smiling, his eyes reflecting that wondrous scene I saw earlier of galaxies of stars spiralling into infinity was My God.  “Did the sea tell you her story?”  He asked gently and he put his arm around me as we walked to a small row boat bobbing by the shore.  I nodded, a tear falling helplessly down my cheek.  “Another universe is born…”  he whispers and catches my tear and lets it drip into the ocean, “We will let the sea have this one.  Now you are a mere drop in the ocean…”  He smiles and kisses me where the tear had been, “Now you have the power of my sea at your command!  What will you do with such power?”

Space between the Universes

Published May 24, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



I seem to spend most of my time here, in this meditative state – this space between the universes, standing on the shore line of my consciousness, gazing out at the horizon of infinity.  I wonder what lies beyond that horizon, the edge of my unconscious – is there anything beyond that line?  I look around at the handiwork of my creation, my fictitious bubble of escape – my sanity sanctuary – I breathe the unreal air, warmed by a sun that exists only in my mind’s eye.  I taste the salty breeze drifting across the surf and feel its sting on my imagined sun burned face.  I turn to look up the beach to see if he is coming.  I don’t like to wait too long after my feet touch down on the warm sands before I see his shimmering figure in the distance walking towards me.  My heart jumps, he is coming to meet me – only me – nobody else – because this is my place, my creation, my retreat, my temple to sit in and talk to God.  This is my space between the universes

I feel my spirit fluttering as his hand is raised in greeting, the brightest smile you could ever see, lighting up his eyes with laughter and love.  And then he is there right in front of me, arms out ready for the embrace.  I fall into his warm arms that envelope me in security and joy, compassion and strength.  I close my eyes for a moment waiting for the kiss my cheek anticipates.  And there it is that little tactile testament of his love for me, here on our beach.  My God, who never keeps me waiting, always comes when I call, comforts me when I am sad, lifts me up when I am low and believes in me and loves me unconditionally.  But how can this be?  How did I find this place and when did I start meeting with God in this surreal dimension of divine dreams? 

Well I shall tell you – I shall share with you those moments of our meeting – my God and I – sometimes in dreams of clear unfiltered clarity and sometimes misty and confused images of nightmare and fear.  Was it God that was with you in those moments – you may ask or was it the devil?  I don’t think it matters how you define it or even if it can be defined?  Maybe I am completely delusional.  You may well think so when I start to talk about the other strange visions I have encountered on my journey to the space between the universes; have I witnessed angels?  Demons?  Fairies?  Aliens?  Yes to all and truth is far stranger than fiction. 

I have searched my mind for the answers to universal mysteries that manifest in my reality – but what is my reality?  Is it the same as your reality?  Can I see what you see?  Can you feel what I feel?  Have you experienced the touch of my God in your dreams?  Why?  Why do I escape to an unknown dimension that only I can see?  When you see that I am trapped in a world of fears and anxieties, afraid to walk alone in the real world, the street outside my door, to talk to people unashamed and confident like everything is OK – Why do I escape inward?  Because outside is too hard for me to cope with; I feel awkward, alone, judged.  Is it any wonder I get lost in deluded daydreams and night-time flights of fancy? 

My God smiles and wipes away a tear that starts to fall, leaving a dirty streak. 

“I will always be here for you, my love, but you must return now and awake!” 

I don’t want to go, I think sadly and I look out at the ocean glittering in the setting sun, “I will still be here tomorrow” he whispers.  He opens his hand and my tear sits in his palm.  He brings it up to his mouth and blows softly.  The tear, my tear turns into a bubble and floats away into a mist that is forming across the water.  As I feel myself returning to the ‘real world’ at least to this reality, I see in the distance that the bubble is joined by many thousands of bubbles. 

“What is that?”  I ask dreamily as my mind starts to join the ocean fog,

“new universes being born” God answers.

The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

Published May 22, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

A haunting image, an historic image – of a tornado captured back in 1965. A ghost of another time but a poignant reminder of the devastation such an event represents. The raw power of nature that is ruthless in its short life-span, showing no mercy as it brutally mows down everything in its path.

I have been, like many I’m sure, glued to the news reports covering the recent Oklahoma Tornado that has left such a raw wound for the people who now have to try and re-build their lives as well as their homes, schools – in fact their whole communities. Many have lost family members, children buried in the rubble of a school – so, so sad! I think events such as these, which are sadly becoming almost common place, serve as a reminder to us all of just how fragile life is but also how resilient. Like a wild flower that has pushed its way through the cracks in a brick wall to find the sun – humanity turns its face to the light and laughs at the dark clouds of the storm that tries again and again to bend and break its will. Life goes on – it has to, and I hope that the survivors of this awful and most tragic of events will be able to one day look back at photographs in an archive of the Oklahoma tornado, and see just a ghost – nothing more! A shadow that blotted out the light for a short time and then passed on by…yes it was a dark moment and took lives but it didn’t take the light of hope – hope is the promise of another day without the storm!

Image ID: wea00217, NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Collection
Location: Indiana, Elkhart
Photo Date: 1965 April 11
Photographer: Mr. Paul Huffman

Category: Monsters/Tornadoes/

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