National Poetry Writing Month – School Visit and End in Sight…awwww!

Published April 24, 2013 by Laura Crean Author
A selection of the bookmarks I took into school

A selection of the bookmarks I took into school

Fellow poetry lovers and bloggers all, my marathon Poetry writing month will soon be coming to an end, there are just 6 little days left and I have to say it has been a real old learning curve this month.  I have discovered that even though it was daunting to think at the beginning of April I would have to create a completely individual poem every single day even when my creative juices weren’t flowing, I have managed it.  Some days, especially this last few have been really hard to always fit it in with the other mundane things that go on in one’s day-to-day life, but even if I have posted the poem 1 second before midnight, I have been determined to stick to my guns and post a poem every single day!  You should have seen me last night SCREAMING at the computer screen as the seconds ticked by approaching midnight and I still had the last 4 lines of my poem to compose!  If anyone had been in the room with me they would have laughed as I kept getting up and pacing my living room, lines and rhymes going over and over as I struggled to find the perfect combination of words to end it – sure I could have just put any old thing down and hit the return key, just to get it done – but that’s not me!  I am a perfectionist and my poem just has to be an individual little work of art that I can be proud of.  So I hope those of you that have faithfully read my little masterpieces have enjoyed what I have had to offer the world of poetry this month and once again I want to thank you all sooo much for sticking with me on my journey.   Look out for a new poetry book (including the NaPoWriMo poems) coming out soon…

Yesterday I went into my 8 year old daughter’s classroom to share my NaPoWrMo experience and talk about my books and read some poetry.  It was such a lovely little outing, my daughter was so proud and so was I, especially when I saw her beaming little face when she came into the classroom after her break and saw me sitting there with all my books and a bag full of stickers and bookmarks for her friends.  She happily became my little assistant picking the perfect poems to share with her class and even read one out loud herself.  The teacher and teacher assistants were so accommodating and as the children looked through all the books, she sang my praises and exclaimed to the class how lucky they were to have a real live author and poet to come and share her experience with them.  She even said they will be setting up an Author corner in the classroom to display my books!  I was so excited.  So we gave out my worksheets for the children and set them a little competition (I think there may be a little classroom book on its way LOL).  The children were so well behaved and I think they enjoyed the poems Alice and I chose to read out.  I will post updates on the children’s efforts and  watch this space because we may even have a little book to share with you and earn some money for the school.  If I have inspired just one person or child this month then it has all been worthwhile!

❤ Xx 😀  Laura 😀 xX ❤

Rainbow Rune Series sticker design

Rainbow Rune Series sticker design


3 comments on “National Poetry Writing Month – School Visit and End in Sight…awwww!

  • Sounded like a great time at the School and I can just visualise Alice’s face bless her. Glad you’ve taken the plunge and hope you get many more days like that. Mum xx


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