Day 23 NaPoWriMo – St George’s Day

Published April 23, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


Let us rally to the battle cry

of the fabled Great Saint George

The name upon the lips of every Knight

Who under the red cross fought,

Who better then to represent

All heroes of this banner

After all he slay the dragon

Returning the Maiden to her Manor.

But really what’s it all about

This obscure outdated day?

A day to show your Englishness

In each and every way

To fly the flag and paint your face

And have a glass of beer

But from where can this day be truly traced?

What dragon did the people fear?

Is it just an allegory for the evils of the World

And how great our Nation of the cross

When to the battle cry we’re called?

Well then let’s hope the great and good

In all the land are just, as George

And follow that cross in truth and trust

And with compassion and justice forge

A land of hope and glory

Just as in days gone by

Let us live up to the noble story

And let that banner fly!


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