Dream Blog update #01 – see “Understanding and Interpreting Dreams”

Published April 18, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

ImageBack in March I added a page to my blog called “Understanding and Interpreting Dreams”.  I was trying to think of things to blog about as I really want to write – but didn’t know what to write about.  My life isn’t exactly a fast-paced, action-packed adventure story with opportunities around every moment to share the excitement.  No!  I’m afraid I am just a very mundane single Mum with your every-day basic problems, no job, no money, health issues, kids, clutter and acrophobia.  So I thought I would go back to doing something that really helped my state of mind a few years back and that is recording my dreams and trying to make sense of the odd symbolic images and themes that come out of them.

Of course before you can record your dreams, you have to remember them AND have the time and patience to write them down in as much detail as possible, which usually has to be as soon as you wake up  before the dream fades in the light of the day, back to your subconscious, never to be seen or heard of again 🙂 – this is hard to get right, especially if like me you don’t have time because you have to get up straight away to get kids sorted for school, lunches packed and school clothes ironed etc.

Today I have 2 dreams STILL in my head.  I haven’t written them down and so I don’t know how long they will stick around or why they are still lingering.  Maybe I really need to concentrate on them, if they are persistent enough to still be hanging around in the front of my conscious memory, then I think it is safe to assume they have important messages for me in my daily life.  So the first thing I will do is try and record what I can remember.  It might only be a few details but once they are down I will attempt to look at the obvious symbolism.

Dream 1 from 2 nights ago. 

This dream obviously had a lot more to it but because it is a couple of days old now, only the obvious details (what I like to call – the main point) remains.

I was standing in my kitchen washing up the dinner things from the night before, somehow I knew it was morning, I think possibly the kids had just gone to school.  I was looking out of my kitchen window, day-dreaming (if such a thing is possible within a dream LOL) but that’s what I was doing, washing up and day-dreaming, watching the clouds float by.  The strange thing about this scene was that the scene from my kitchen window wasn’t exactly right, how it is in reality.  When I look out of my window I can see the house next door’s kitchen window, their garden and the fence for the neighbour beyond that.  In the dream I was seeing the neighbours from the other side of me and where the house and kitchen window should be, there was a shed – it was very odd but seemed quite natural and right in the dream.  Suddenly a huge plane passed over from behind me, crashing into my neighbour’s garden, clipping its wing on the shed!  It was strange because the garden it landed in was of a neighbour the other side of me (so disorienting and I don’t know the significance of it).  I obviously screamed as I saw the plane on fire in the neighbour’s garden, which again is odd because your average passenger jet isn’t going to fit in the tiny garden it would take up the whole street – but it was a huge passenger jet and it was a tiny garden and they seemed to fit together quite nicely! :O

I remember running out into the garden to check it out and basically that is ALL I remember.  So I suppose a great big plane crashing into my neighbour’s garden is the point.

I will come back to the interpretations later for now I am just recording the dreams.

Dream 2 from last night – 17th April 2013

This one is a little harder to explain.  Sometimes putting dreams into words is hard because the images and feelings can be so strange and I often think to myself, what on Earth?  What is that and how do I explain it!

The (main points) I can remember are that I was on a holiday with my children.  I don’t know where we were holidaying, only that we were and for some reason the fact that I am at the moment in real life getting a divorce was a point of the dream.  My ex- husband was hanging around for some reason and at some point in the dream my brain was telling me that his solicitor had told him to spy on me and try and get something ‘on me’ – weird or what!  Anyway, the children and I were exploring this place, I don’t  know whether it was the hotel, a museum (somewhere we were just visiting because we were out for the day on our holiday) or what it was but it was like a museum or Art gallery or something, or both and it had lots of long corridors with paintings on the walls and exhibits in cases and things of that nature.

The children and I were having a really nice visit, just exploring these corridors and enjoying the paintings and exhibits, the little one, my youngest, she would run away up a corridor exploring in her own way as kids do and then come back and take me by the hand and show me something that she was interested in, it was pleasant.

Then my ex turns up out of the blue and the kids are obviously excited to see him and want to share their experience of the place with him but he starts getting over-excited and getting them over-excited and then he starts sabotaging the paintings and the exhibits, doing things like spray-can painting over the lovely paintings in red paint or setting fire to the exhibits.  He thinks it is great fun and so do the kids and even I get caught up in the excitement of it but I scream at him “What are you doing?  Stop!  We’re going to get into trouble!” and he and the kids just laugh and run up the corridors making mayhem as they go.  I run after them, trying to keep up and soon we are being chased by the authorities.

I can’t remember much else except that at some point someone tells me that it was all staged to blame me somehow for not taking care of the children properly and that he was going to fight for custody of the children on the grounds that I am mentally unstable!  It was a horrible feeling, feeling like I had been tricked and led on and set up like that but I think at the end of the dream I managed to turn things back around to my advantage – exposing his set up as the little one had recorded it all on her phone without him knowing.  There was more to the dream or it went into another dream after that but that’s all I can properly remember.

OK.  So now I am going to go away and do other things but I will come back at some point in the next few days and post an interpretation of these dreams for you.

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