Day 18 NaPoWriMo – Why does Music Touch our Soul?

Published April 18, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


Why does music touch our soul?

Something deep within us seems to respond

to the vibrating sound waves

and their pleasing tones,

that fill us with such complicated emotions.

The shapes and colours that music paints

fit perfectly the patterns of our own bodily rhythms, it seems.

Our memories are at their most aware

when music navigates our neurons.

It is as if our very spirit,

or something deep inside

the almost musical shape of the DNA,

at the core of our being

responds to the language of music.

It draws out of us passion and power.

Power to affect others,

to speak of things that need no words,

like love and loss and joy and freedom.

It comforts, heals and uplifts.

Music is the voice of an unseen dimension

that reaches each and every one of us

in our own ways, on our own paths.

It beats in time with our own heartbeat.

It courses through our veins

meeting adrenalin head on.

It pulses through our skin,

prickling the very hairs like a static charge.

Indeed, music is a force of nature, like electricity,

and once it is released it cannot be tamed – merely moulded,

into whatever shape it is destined to become.

And the angels weep and laugh in its wake.



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