The Realm of the Purple Dragon

Published April 15, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

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Today we are opening our borders to The Realm of the Purple Dragon and inviting everyone on WordPress,com to come and take a peek through the purple portal at this colourful new realm, a realm of fantasy and magic that every child and child at heart will want to visit.

Ellenor is a young girl who is about to discover a secret Realm – and the portal to this realm is hiding in her bedroom. The key to opening this enchanted World has been hidden in a console game called ‘The Realm of the Purple Dragon’which had been bought by Ellenor at a car boot sale for 50 pence. Soon she will find the characters of her favourite game are all too real. Some will help her and some will try and stop her from finding the Dragon Amulet that would free the Realm from the dark hold of the evil tyrant – Vindalf, a wicked Wind Elf who answers to Loki. Thankfully the Rainbow Rune Master has some very special magical tools to help Ellenor in her quest, and the Little Purple Dragon is sure to help keep her on track. Welcome to the first book in the blue Rainbow Rune Series.


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