Day 10 NaPoWriMo – Dracones

Published April 10, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

‘Red Dragon’ by Laura Crean. This painting is a work in progress and as such the painting will never be seen in this form again.

In mystery and myth he came

Devoured many with his flame

Ancient beast of scale and wing

The bard of old is apt to sing

But whoever lived to tell?

Who saw the evidence of his shell?

Who fought in battle his scaly hide?

Who lived one more day and did confide

What came to pass with old Dracones?

Is it he who still persists

In hiding out in night-time mists

Only daring show his face

When with his wings he doth embrace?

And in his old reptilian ways

Does he still abduct for days

The lonely travellers on weary path

Who dare whisper his name on the back of a laugh?

For he is master of the dream

He can hide anywhere it seems

He tricks you with his stealing time

and only his piercing eyes remind

his ancient and accursed plan

to humiliate and embarrass Man

So be aware and keep your wits

Or he will shred your soul to bits


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