Day 9 NaPoWrMo – Ancient Vision

Published April 9, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I love to learn about ancient cultures and that includes myths, legends, religion and mysticism as well as history and archaeology because they are all so finely intertwined.  I also read the so called speudo-science books and watch talks and videos on You Tube.  I am fascinated by ancient languages through their mark-making and the similarities and links between them.  So my offering today is in the form of Ancient Vision – 6 paintings and 1 poem.

‘Stone-Henge’ by Laura Crean.

Memories of ages past

Ancient peoples’ laws so strange

Giant shadows still are cast

Even though the stars are changed

Man-made mountains built with blood

For reasons long forgotten

Many shaped through drought and flood

Their sacred paths forbidden

A chosen few were armed with vision

Knowledge passed straight down the line

Priestly spirits lived their mission

To renew our empty minds

And now the ghosts watch silently

As the present echoes what once was

And those that seek with open hearts

May find a lonely cause

In ancient runes and hieroglyphs

Languages remain

But hidden deep within their script

And symbolic myths so vain

There lies a secret undertone

That hints of wisdom deep

If only we could fathom it

The future’s ours to keep

Today some search these mysteries

In Shaman guise and New-age shackles

But are the answers to be found in books and dusty libraries?

Or will they once more come alive when humanity now tackles

The problem of our children’s sight

Blinded by their selfish greed

We face an undetermined plight

Not even knowing what we need!

We must not look to ways gone by

In ruined walls and temples

Vision comes to those with an eye

In love and truth and trust it now resembles

Only when we look within

And weigh our heart’s true worth

Will we be able to begin

To build a brand new Earth

‘Pyramids in Shadow’ by Laura Crean.

‘Pyramids Illuminated by the Sun’ by Laura Crean

‘Evolution of Mankind’ by Laura Crean.

‘Falcon and Sun Disc’ by Laura Crean

‘Energetic Earth’ by Laura Crean.


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