Day 7 NaPoWriMo – The Future of the Human Race?

Published April 7, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

‘Martian Dream’ by Laura Crean

For those of you who don’t know me I am very into dreams and when I have a dream that I remember I always try to record it.  You can see on here a little bit about that under the heading ‘understanding and interpreting dreams‘.  I always believe that my dreams can be interpreted personally (about my life and problems) but also in the context of what is happening in the world around me).  That being said, this next poem is my ACTUAL DREAM from last night (7th April 2013) retold in its entirety in poetic form.  After looking at it very carefully I have given it the title “The Future of the Human Race?”

Last night I dreamt I was driving down

a motorway that leads to town,

but then I took a lonely road

into the hills the image showed.

The scenery began to change

before my eyes a sight so strange,

a hospital of many buildings

filled with children and of changelings.

The staff were pleasant and polite

they worked on into the dead of night,

but all the babies who were ill

grew to be children and stayed there still.

A grieving Mother every day

made the trip and tried to stay

by her baby’s bedside always

where she would sing the doctor’s praises.

But then one day the world grew colder,

the baby girl was growing older

and still she couldn’t take her home

even though her health had also grown.

The girl was clever and so pretty,

the Mother thought it such a pity

and tried to find out what was wrong,

she found a corridor so long.

At last she came across a sight

that made her sick and she took flight,

a factory of zombie robots

with metalic spines being built like products.

A zombie doctor found her on a stair

and told her she must cut her hair,

the woman smiled and tried to lie

and said that she would surely try.

Grabbing her child she ran away

back to the sprawling motorway,

where nobody seemed to chase her down

so she headed onwards into town.

And then the dream began to shine

and I was shown the longest line

of babies and of children too

being blessed by Jesus and passing through

into heaven they were filing

and Jesus watched them all just smiling.

He looked at me and laughed in joy

and waved at me as he kissed a boy.

My dream then faded and I awoke

and on my tears I tried not to choke.

(painting is also by me – it is entitled ‘Martian Dream‘)


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