Day 2 – National Poetry Writing Month

Published April 2, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Me on Eastbourne Promenade (a self portrait taken on my trusty phone) by Laura Crean.

Poetry is the passion to pass on part of one’s soul

To dig deep into the pit of the source of one’s all

To show your true feelings

Or demonstrate wit

To quote words of wisdom

Or just rhymes that fit

Most of all poetry is just loving life

And expressing it creatively

To share with the world and his wife

Yes I love playing with words in a poem it is true

And this is day 2 of sharing poetry with you.

Eastbourne Promenade and Pier (taken on the open-top bus on my phone) by Laura Crean.

Blue skies

Sea breeze

Cold nose

Dark seas

Walking brisk

Hearts are pumping

Sea gulls swoop

Puppies jumping

Kiddies running

on the pebbles

Mums and buggies

Skateboard rebels

Fresh fish stalls

selling their wares

Those down on their luck

with vacant stares

Bikes and scooters

whizzing by

A pretty girl

catches one lad’s eye

A jogger on a fitness fix

Closely followed

by another six

Observations made by me

On Eastbourne Promenade

by the sea

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