A Poem a Day for National Poetry Writing Month? Easy peasy! Yeah right!

Published April 1, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

So apparently it is National Poetry Writing Month, can I write a poem a day for 30 days?  Sure!  No problem!  WHAT???  You mean I have to write a completely original poem every single day this month?  What am I Superwoman?  My mind boggles at the thought – but hey!  I’m up for a challenge.  Are you?  O…K… so I’m now staring at a blank page awaiting a poetic masterpeice – it’s only day one for crying out loud – there must be an idea in there somewhere…nope nothing!  Nada!  This is going to be harder than I thought!  OK, so it’s only 6pm, I still have a few hours to come up with the goods – right – come back later and see if I delivered – and bring a friend or two with you will you – poetry is a lonely job!

OK so here goes…


Since when did my pen have to pretend?

Since when did its message  become so intense?

A poem a day?

Just words you might say,

but  since when did my pen contrive to contend

in a melody marathon to daily defend

my art, my soul, my poetic drive?

So let me begin, let me now strive

to put ink to purpose and share with you daily

a few well chosen scribbles to hook you in maybe…

so come back tomorrow and we’ll see if I’m able

to scribble some more words of truth or of  fable.

Will my meandering moments strike gold?

Will the next 29 poems of mine have you sold?

Come back tomorrow and I will try to comply

and hope that my plan is not just a pie in the sky…

(I know – it’s a terrible ending!  I’m not good under pressure!)


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