A Poetic thought for the Season – Dec 2012

Published December 20, 2012 by Laura Crean Author

There is one season in the year

when people try and find some cheer,

they wrap up warm with scarves that flow

and hearts as well as noses glow.

Some share with gifts and some with time

but all with love and maybe wine!

So when you raise a glass in toast

to wish all well from coast to coast,

just stop and think of those less blessed

whose lives are hard and full of stress,

when money’s tight and food is scarce

or loved ones have been lost – send prayers –

that is a gift any soul can give,

wherever in the World you live.

Be thankful if you have your health

and if you can spread out your wealth

to help those in need this time of the year

who have to live in dread and fear.

Let’s light a candle with a wish

or cook an extra warming dish

for a neighbour on their own

or talk to someone on the phone.

Whatever little bit you do,

your love and light will shine on through

and then this season will continue to be

full of fun and festivity.

Xx ❤ ❤ Laura Crean ❤ ❤ xX


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