It’s Christmas, so what you going to do? Read, read and read some more…

Published December 18, 2012 by Laura Crean Author

So, it is the season of good will – everyone is on shopping overdrive, buying gifts, decorations and food and drink, spending too much and stressing too much.  People are visiting family they haven’t seen all year and sending cards to family they never see, everything seems to be on fast forward!  Well I say, this is the perfect time to stop, take a deep breath, have a good look around at all the madness and then sit down in a quiet corner and read – read anything, whatever takes you to that place of dreams and brings you a little escapism from the rat race for an hour or two and then read some more, get a little perspective in your world of how precious your time is, and how wasteful we can be with it.  Spend time with yourself as well as with your family and friends so that you can reconnect with yourself and then when you have put the book down or turned the kindle off, take another deep breath and then get back in the rat race for the rest of the silly season, and maybe, just maybe you will have found within yourself a new respect for the power of the written word to help you wake up in time for 2013.

This is a cool site, it has lots of free reads for a quiet spell:-

And this is the perfect place to fan all your favourite authors, share and recommend books, post reviews and learn about different authors, as well as making friends and seeing what they like to read.  Don’t forget to friend me or fan me or both:-

Happy Holidays everyone and don’t forget to read, read and read some more…

Love, Light, and Seasonal Blessings

Xx Laura xX


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