Bare Hands

Published August 11, 2012 by Laura Crean Author

With bare hands I sweep away the cobwebs of my life,

They hide the truth and cover the space restricting the view.

With bare hands I dig up the bones of my mistakes,

The dirt becomes embedded beneath my finger nails,

Marring their perfect, painted form.

With bare feet I walk the path of my ancestors,

Learning from their memories that every cobble counts.

With bare feet I feel the dusty road and negotiate each obstacle

That looms up in my way,

each one a lesson in humility.

With bare chest I expose the home of love,

And with an open heart I share each broken vessel.

I invite you with a bare hand to touch my heart

and make it whole once more.

With bare hands held out and open

I extend my hand in honest friendship,

And with bare hands we join with one another

In a chain of unity that circles the earth

Like a halo of heavenly hands,

Each one a link of love and lessons learned.

Copyright © Laura Crean 2012


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