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Bare Hands

Published August 11, 2012 by Laura Crean Author

With bare hands I sweep away the cobwebs of my life,

They hide the truth and cover the space restricting the view.

With bare hands I dig up the bones of my mistakes,

The dirt becomes embedded beneath my finger nails,

Marring their perfect, painted form.

With bare feet I walk the path of my ancestors,

Learning from their memories that every cobble counts.

With bare feet I feel the dusty road and negotiate each obstacle

That looms up in my way,

each one a lesson in humility.

With bare chest I expose the home of love,

And with an open heart I share each broken vessel.

I invite you with a bare hand to touch my heart

and make it whole once more.

With bare hands held out and open

I extend my hand in honest friendship,

And with bare hands we join with one another

In a chain of unity that circles the earth

Like a halo of heavenly hands,

Each one a link of love and lessons learned.

Copyright © Laura Crean 2012

Surviving the Summer holidays

Published August 2, 2012 by Laura Crean Author


The summer holidays are in full swing and the kids are all doing their own thing.  My youngest just wants to be out in the street with her friends, my oldest can’t seem to make it out of her bedroom and off of Facebook and my middle daughter is quite happy chilling to her music or watching girly programmes like Friends with her best mate or meeting up with her mates at the skate park.  It seems that I now have 3 very different pebbles on my family beach to try and keep happy throughout the long summer break and try as I might, I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to keep them all happy by giving them a timetable LOL.  Sometimes you just have to let the tide wash in and carry them where they will and hope they don’t get lost in the depths!

The thing about the family beach is – as pebbles go they are all pretty and different but each one has to suffer there own weathering; so the summer holiday is often a time of growing for children.  They have the time to develop their own likes and dislikes, find friends they bond with or don’t, learn boundaries and discover their place in the social pecking order and learn through mistakes.  But it is also a time of adventure and exploration, so they need to be given the space to express themselves and find themselves.  That’s why it’s all very well planning your family’s summer trips down to the very last detail to give them lots to do, but you shouldn’t forget they are all their own little pebble waiting to be shaped – and the prettiest pebble is the one that has had time and space to lay in the sun and be washed by the ocean – not the one that has been confined in a box and chipped away at by force.  That’s my weird little musing for the day – enjoy the Summer guys.   Xx Laura xX

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